How to Dab for Beginners

Dabbing entails the flash vaporization of a cannabis concentrate or wax. You apply the concentrate to a hot surface and immediately inhale the vapor. The concentrates, such a BHO oil, shatter, or wax, are much more concentrated than buds, ranging anywhere from 50% to 80% (or more) THC. There are also some CBD concentrates available for non-intoxicating therapeutic benefits.

Required Items to Start: 

Dabbing does involve the use of some specialized equipment. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A dab rig, which is similar to a water pipe, but it has a fitting for a nail
  • A nail, which is where your concentrate goes
  • A dabber, a small tool that you use to apply the concentrate to the nail
  • A carb cap, which helps to regulate airflow (it’s not mandatory, but very helpful)
  • A torch (mini-torch or blowtorch) or e-nail, which you use to heat the nail

How to Do a Dab:

Once your dab rig is all set up, get a very small amount of your concentrate on the dabber tool. Now you’re ready to take your first dab:

  • Turn on your torch and heat the nail until it turns red
  • Shut off the torch and let it cool for several seconds
  • Apply the dab to the nail and start inhaling slowly
  • Rotate the dabber to avoid wasting any concentrate
  • Place the carb cap over the nail and finish inhaling
  • Exhale and enjoy the experience

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